About The Villages

The Villages, FL is the largest retirement community in the world. With a current population of about 140,000 people, it is projected to more than double in size and population over the next 25 years. This makes The Villages growth rate projection the highest of all 384 U.S. metro areas.

There are many things that make this large and growing community unique. For starters, you can navigate nearly all the current 82+ square miles of it in a golf cart. To add some perspective, The Villages currently encompasses about 3 ½ times the geographic size of Manhattan. In addition to the 700+ holes of golf available, you can use your golf cart to visit your for doctors, pharmacies, grocery stores, and a plethora of entertainment options. It features three town squares (with a fourth one in progress) that are home to many restaurants, bars, and retail storefronts, with a music entertainment venue (stage, as well as dancing and seating area) at its center, where bands perform from 5-9pm nightly, 365 days a year.

Until recently, our best kept secret in The Villages was the thriving number of families living here (full or part time) that have a special needs adult daughter or son. With the growing number of activities available to our special needs adult children, the word is quickly spreading about these amazing individuals that so deserve to live their best lives possible.

Kevadvotech will bring these inspiring people and stories to light through articles and video podcasts. You’ll learn about the many activities and clubs that are currently available or in the planning stage here within The Villages and the surrounding area. We hope it will inspire other communities to introduce similar programs.