About Us

In 2001, at the age of 15, our son Kevin suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Soon after his injury, Kevin’s cognitive ability and speech rapidly declined. Despite valiant efforts by doctors, therapists and others to halt and hopefully reverse this decline, results to date have been minimal. For the past twenty years, as Kevin’s primary caregivers, wife Ruth and I continue to explore and enroll Kevin in various speech and occupational therapy programs in hope for improvement in key functional areas and his overall quality of life.

We feel extremely blessed and thankful that Kevin is physically capable and mobile. However, Kevin requires 7 x 24 guidance and supervision as his decision making and cognitive functions are severely compromised. Kevin is also non-verbal (or mostly incoherent in speech), which makes things even more difficult.  When others meet Kevin for the first time, most assume he is somewhere on the Autism spectrum, as it quite common that behaviors from TBI resemble those with autism. Without our constant care, Kevin’s safety and overall well-being would be at severe risk.

As I entered my 40th year in the Information Technology (IT) industry, I wanted to do something that not only could involve Kevin but create something that could benefit him and others within the special needs community. Through that goal, KEVADVOTECH LLC was formed. As you might guess, ‘KEV’ in the company name is named for Kevin. ‘ADVOTECH’ is meant for advocating technology solutions geared toward special needs challenges.

At KEVADVOTECH, our goal is simple yet ambitious……to help improve the quality of life for anyone that is part of this very special and deserving community.