Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire innovation for the benefit of special needs individuals and their caregivers so that they may live their best lives possible. This is our “Why”.

By raising various special interest topics on our social media platforms, we encourage the special needs community to share their own personal experiences and best practices in how they try to best solve their biggest challenges.  While these discussions may widely vary in subject, the spotlight will be turned toward technology, and how it may assist and improve our quality of life.

Through the continued advancement of technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet-of-Things) and Robotics, just to name a few, the future is promising. We are barely scratching the surface today of what is possible regarding technology serving special needs. KEVADVOTECH exists to advocate for more solutions and services geared toward solving our most challenging needs.

Opportunity for innovation is right in front of us. And we are limited only by the magnitude and velocity of our dreams and our willingness to persevere.

At KEVADVOTECH, we will examine these challenges and explore possibilities through three separate but integrated tracks:

Collaborate & Educate

  1. Raise special interest topics to foster community discussion and examine how technology may assist
  2. Research and identify any existing solutions that may satisfy the specific need discussed
  3. Gather feedback from our audience regarding their experience with identified products or solutions
  4. Provide further education (via blogs, podcasts, etc.) regarding these existing solutions
  5. Promote the products and solutions that pass our vetting and approval process

Technology Industry Engagement

If the existing solution does not completely solve the problem/need:

  1. Identify gaps that may exist
  2. Reach out to existing technology provider(s) to collaborate on solution improvement possibilities; or search for other companies that have interest and possible fit
  3. Work closely with provider(s) to further establish the use case
  4. Work together to gather requirements and determine scope
  5. Be a sounding board during architecture and design phase
  6. Be a readily available pool of resources during beta testing

Dream Big

  1. Introduce topics around emerging technologies
  2. Solicit feedback from our audience regarding potential applicability
  3. Spitball on the ‘art of the possible’
  4. Reach out to best suited tech companies that would have interest in further discussion
  5. From there, we would follow steps 3 thru 6 in the Technology industry engagement track in # 2 above

For anyone with special needs or caring for someone who does, we clearly recognize our challenges are daunting and extremely unique. I bet right now, some of you might be thinking that our situations and daily challenges are so extreme and personal, they cannot possibly be solved by technology.  At least not by technology alone.

I understand and am right there with you, but I am excited for the future. My family and I live these challenges 24 x 7 just like you do. For all of us, there is a deep, emotional element to everything we do to try and simply go about our daily lives. Our situations are often exhausting yet rewarding at the same time. Experiencing unconditional love has such an amazing way of keeping us grounded and focused on doing whatever necessary to keep moving forward and to never give up.

While technology alone will never completely solve our challenges, I am extremely optimistic it can help improve the quality of our lives so that we may experience more highs than lows. And sometimes, that’s all I simply wish for. That tomorrow is better than today. That my special needs son experiences something that makes him smile or show some sign of approval. That my wife and I might gain a better sense of calm, security, and comfort. If some current or yet to be invented technology solution can contribute to our overall well-being, then we all gain as a people and society.

We hope you join us on this exciting journey!