Advocating for special needs through advancements in technology



KEVADVOTECH is a welcoming forum for the Special Needs community and their extended support team to come together to openly share and discuss the daily challenges we face. Through a variety of special interest topics and shared personal stories, we will shine a spotlight on technology as we explore and examine current solutions or dream for solutions that have not yet been invented to help solve our most complex challenges.

In addition, KEVADVOTECH will also highlight all the exciting things happening in The Villages, Florida that allow our special needs adult children to thrive and live their best lives. We think it is a unique place that has so much to offer families like ours. We will share many of those inspiring stories and highlight people that make this an amazing community. We hope it will inspire other communities to build similar programs.

At KEVADVOTECH, we believe the future is exciting, and the possibilities are only limited by how BIG we dare to dream!

Our coverage model is focused across two communities; one on a broader, national level (Kevadvotech community) and the other at a local level (The Villages, FL community):

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