Long term planning for your Special Needs loved one

Long term planning for your Special Needs loved one

Planning for the current and long term well-being of your Special Needs loved one is complex and often overwhelming.

In this video you will discover:

– 3 ways to accumulate wealth for your special needs loved one without impacting benefits

– How to navigate the complicated maze of SSI, SSDI and Medicaid, and maximize your benefits

– How to best negotiate and advocate for your loved one and get past “No”

– Long term planning Tools & Tips; getting in front of things before they become a crisis situation

– Why Guardianship is so important once your loved one turns 18

Our special guest, John Langan is a wealth of information regarding what you should know if you are caring for someone with special needs. John is also an amazing person who gives so much to this community. We hope you’ll enjoy this video interview!

Special interview with John Langan, Founder of AACID (Advocates for Adult Children with Intellectual Disabilities)