Who will care for our special needs child when we die?

Who will care for our special needs child when we die?

It’s quite common for special needs adults to live with their parents and remain under their care deep into their adult life. Many of these households are led by a single parent, often a single mother due to divorce or death of a spouse. However, the challenges to provide proper care for your adult child become even more daunting as we age.

So the elephant in the room continues to be, where will our child live when we die?

This is a question that consumes many families like ours. Finding quality, affordable, long term housing is difficult. Proactively planning for this transition is daunting. There seems to be few resources to help in this process, and even worse, you almost need to be in a crisis in order to finally get the help you need.

Please join me as I interview Dennis Farrar, as we discuss this growing crisis. Dennis is a father of a special needs child and is passionate about helping other families who need guidance designing a plan for your special needs child to live their best life, now and long after their parents and primary caregivers pass on.

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